Mrs. Trudy Coleman Founder & Visionary

Trudy has over 20 years in computer technology experiences, over 12 years of Real Estate Sales and Mortgage Lender expertise, and over 15 years of Special Events Planning and Marketing Experience. She has earned her MBA Degree from the University of LaVerne in (2006), and a Certificate in Organizational Leadership and Management (2008), and earned her BS Degree from Azusa Pacific University in 1995. She has plans to pursue her Doctorate in Public Administration.   

             After falling ill in 2004, she has been pushing hard to recover and gain ground where she left off with her Juneteenth Education Project. She is keeping the faith and moving forward with the mission that God gave her, which she feel is her purpose, of helping the digital divided community to become skillfully independent and computer literate, bringing historical Juneteenth education and cultural awareness into the school and libraries.

                 As Co-Founder, and previously served as President of Juneteenth America, Inc. (J.A.I.) a non-profit community based organization incorporated in February of 1996. Over the past 14 years, She worked in conjunction with numerous community leaders and public officials. and has worked feverishly in attempts to establish Juneteenth as a legal holiday.

A Message from Trudy Coleman