Precious Shalom Williams

Precious Shalom Williams is a theologian who specializes in intercultural studies and

biblical interpretation. In 2019, she accepted a position at Fuller Theological

Seminary as a Group Leader and Liaison. In this capacity, she guides Christian

leadership groups by integrating vocational and formational support into the


For nine years, Mrs. Williams has served as Professor of Old Testament Studies at

West Angeles Bible College and as curator of topic teachings like The Psalms as

Lament, Women and the Early Spread of Christianity, and Social Justice in the Christian


Mrs. Williams is a teacher and a preacher. Her burden is to see a global movement of

the Holy Spirit and a transformative work in public policy and Christian ethics. She is

a founding member of the Faith in Formation initiative and is devoted to the biblical

principles of social justice and economic equity. Bi-annually, she hosts a bible study

known as Revolt Rhetoric, which tackles tough topics such as religion, race, gender

and politics. She is also the CEO of The She Is Movement, a non-profit organization

that focuses on women and global empowerment. She is the editor of several books,

including Endless Summer: Inspirations and Reflections of the Journey to Life Balance.

Her forthcoming book, a personal and provocative biography, will challenge how we

think about opposition and triumph and is set to be released in 2020.

She works extensively in the entertainment industry in studio performance, project

development, contract management and strategic financial reporting. Some of the

companies she has worked for or affiliated with include Miramax Films, American

Broadcasting Company, Home Box Office, Fox Broadcasting Company and Metro-

Goldwyn-Mayer Studios.

Mrs. Williams is a proud alumna of Howard University, where she received her

Bachelor of Business Administration and Duke University, where she received her

Master of Divinity. She holds a Certificate in “Ministry and Theology” from Princeton

Theological Seminary and a Certificate in “Justice Studies” from Harvard University’s

ed-x program.

She is happily married to Jairus Williams and they have two amazing children,

Essence and Jair.